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Register a New Private Company

Minimum of 1 director required to register a private company.

The name of a private company end with "Proprietary Limited" or "(Pty) Ltd"

Each incorporator of the company will become the first director of the company.

This business structure is ideal for entrepreneurs to run their own business with no limit on the number of directors.

Private companies are not allowed to offer securities to the public and is also restricted from transferring it's shares.

Issued with Free Shareholder Certificate.

The total all inclusive registration cost is R 375 for the company name reservation and company incorporation (registration).

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  • Your proposed names are submitted for reservation.
    • The first available company name will be reserved for your company.
    • We send you a Confirmation and Directors form to sign.
    • Send this back with certified copies of director’s Identity Documents.


  • Your Company registration will be submitted.
    • All documents are lodged with the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission of SA.


  • The company is incorporated and a registration number issued.
    • As soon as the company is registered you’ll be notified by email.
    • The company registration certificate, directors share certificates will be emailed to you.